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Denka produce a range Electron and Ion Emitters, their primary uses being:

  • An electron source for Transmission Electron and Scanning Electron Microscopes.
  • An electron source for semiconductor inspection equipment.
  • An Ion source for focussed ion beam (FIB) equipment.
  • An electron source for plasma generation equipment.
  • An electron source for ion plating.

Materials used in the manufacture of their products include monocrystalline tungsten needles with an absorbed layer of zirconium and oxygen (TFE emitters), Lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) and a liquid metal ion source incorporating Gallium as the electron source (L-MION).

The choice of a DENKA electron source depends upon the application and the following brief outlines serve as a guide to the most appropriate area of use.

Denka Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6) Cathode.

clip_image002_0007Due to its low work function and high melting point, the Denka LaB6 cathode is one of the best thermionic emission materials for use as emitters in electron microscopes. Denka LaB6 Cathodes are recognized as a reliable and durable electron source.

A single crystal of high purity and quality, grown by floating zone technique, provides stable emission characteristics and offers higher luminosity and a longer life than tungsten filaments. Sophisticated machining enables a variety of cone angles with a hemispherical shape tip to be produced. These are commonly used in electron microscopes (SEM, TEM), for surface analysis (EPMA, AES) and electron beam lithograph systems.
Click here for the DENKA LaB6 cathode product data sheet.

Denka TFE Thermal Field Emission Cathode.

clip_image004_0002The Denka thermal field emitter features a composite layer if zirconium and oxygen on the tip of a <100> oriented single crystal of tungsten. This composite layer serves to reduce the work function of tungsten. The Denka TFE offers a brightness level 100 times greater than the conventional monocrystalline LaB6 cathode and a small energy width of emitted electrons. The Denka TFE is most suitable for surface observations of semiconductor materials and devices and the following systems:

  • Electron Beam Lithography systems
  • High resolution SEM’s
  • Analytical TEM’s
  • Low accelerating SEM’s
  • Semiconductor inspection systems (CD-SEM’s, DR-SEM’s)

Click here for TFE Thermal Field Emission Cathode technical data sheet

Denka L-MION Liquid Metal Ion Source.

denka-l-mionThe Denka liquid metal ion source is principally used as an ion source for focused ion beam systems (FIB) and is suitable for cross-sectional

Click here for L-MION Liquid Metal Ion Source data sheet