///Citifluor Tris-MWL 4-88 Solution
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Citifluor Tris-MWL 4-88 solution

Citifluor Tris-MWL 4-88 solution is a solution of poly(vinyl alcohol)[Mowiol™ 4-88] in a water/glycerol/tris buffer mix and has a pH of 8.5. Following loss of water it forms good clear films and is therefore used as a permanent mountant. A few drops of the solution should be applied to the specimen followed by a cover slip. The water evaporates to give a clear film which holds the cover slip in place thereby aiding the safe storage of the specimen.
If bleaching of the fluorescent marker is a problem, you may add Citifluor AF100 as you would to Citifluor CFPVOH (i.e.9 parts MWL solution plus 1 part Citifluor AF100). These mixtures have a limited shelf-life.

The solutions are of medium viscosity, are water-white in appearance and have a pH of ~8.5. They may be stored at room temperature. The cap of the bottles should always be replaced after use, to prevent evaporation of water which leads to film formation and ultimately to solidification of the product. Samples stored under these conditions for 6 months have been found to exhibit little apparent deterioration e.g. no gel formation.
If you would prefer to have a solution of higher viscosity we can make these to order.