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DiATOME Static Line II Ionizer

clip_image002_0006In cryo-ultramicrotomy electrostatic charging is a major limiting factor. Cryo-sections tend to stick at the knife or tend to fly away. When the Diatome Static Line II Ionizer is used in combination with Diatome cryo knives, quality cryo sections are obtained at a level that was never possible before. Section collection is easier as the sections are discharged by the Diatome Static Line II Ionizer so they stay in place.


The Diatome Static Line II Ionizer has been used for successfully cutting all types of frozen samples including:

  • Sucrose protected tissue.
  • Frozen hydrated cells and tissue.
  • Gels, paints etc.
  • Cell cultures in gelatin/sucrose.
  • Polymers and rubber.

Electrostatic charging not only occurs at low temperature in a cryo-chamber, but also during room temperature ultramicrotomy, whether dry sectioning or with a water bath.

The Diatome Static Line II Ionizer is a versatile addition to your ultramicrotome, regardless of your application, room temperature work, cutting dry or wet sections and cryo-ultramicrotomy can all benefit from the use of the Diatome Static Line II Ionizer.