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Emgrid Products

Emgrid Australia Pty Ltd can supply all your specimen preparation requirements for Electron Microscopy and Optical Microscopy applications.

We draw our inventory from carefully selected suppliers acknowledged for their quality products and ability to provide technical support and advice.

Select the supplier of your choice to access their on-line catalogue. From there, you can navigate and explore the range of products which may be of interest. Having determined products of interest, please complete the request form below and we will provide our quotation as soon as possible.

A complete alphabetic list of products available from Emgrid Australia Pty Ltd is provided for your information

    Abrasive Cutting Machine
    Accelerators for Epoxy Resins
    Acheson Silver DAG 1415M
    ACLAR Film
    Adhesive Carbon Discs
    Adhesive Tapes
    Agar 100 Resin
    Agar Filaments
    Agar Grids
    Agar Silver Paint
    ALKAR Glass Strips
    All Purpose Cleaning Wipes
    Aluminium Grids
    Aluminium Storage Cans
    Aluminium Weighing Dishes
    Aluminum Wire
    Ampoule Snappers
    Anticapillary Tweezers
    Anti-Static Cleaning Foam
    Antistatic Gun
    Anti-Static Mats
    Anti-Static Spray
    Aperture Strips
    Aqueous Mountants
    Araldite Embedding Kits
    Arkansas Honing Stones
    Asbestos Fibre Analysis
    Aspirator Bottle
    Athene Grids

    Backscatter Detectors
    Basket, Component Cleaning
    Beard Masking Frames
    BEEM Block Holder Module
    BEEM Capsule Holders
    BEEM Capsule Press
    BEEM Capsules
    BEEM Dial-a-Grid and Block Holder
    Bell Bright
    Beryllium Discs
    Beryllium Grids
    BioCell Gold Products
    Biology Tweezers
    Blades for Brain Matrices
    Blades, Feather
    Blades, WECPREP
    Block Storage Cabinets
    Blocking Reagents
    Blotting Paper
    Box for Stub Storage Tubes
    Brain Matrices
    Brushes, antistatic
    Brushes, single bristle
    Calibration Specimens for SEM
    Calibration Specimens for TEM
    Carbon Adhesive Sheet
    Carbon Coaters
    Carbon Conductive Adhesive Tapes
    Carbon Disc on Stub
    Carbon Discs
    Carbon Fibre
    Carbon Films
    Carbon Rods
    Carbon Rods (Shaped)
    Cavity Dishes
    Cavity Slides
    CD Calibration Specimen
    CD Storage Boxes
    Cellulose Acetate
    Ceramic Tweezers
    Certified Standards
    Chemicals for Support Films
    Chessy Specimen
    Chien Staining Pad
    Chinagraph Pencils
    Chromium Chips
    Citifluor Antifadent Mountant Solutions
    Clamping Tweezers
    Cleaning Liquids
    Cleaning Strips & Sticks
    Coating Units
    Collapsible Bottles
    Colloidal Graphite
    Component Handling Tweezers
    Conducting Aluminium Tape
    Conducting Carbon Cement (Leit-C)
    Conducting Ink Pen
    Conductive Gold DAG
    Conductive Silver Paint
    Conductive Silver Pen
    Copper Tape
    Copying Stand
    Countdown/countup Timer
    Counting chambers
    Cover Glasses
    Critical Point Dryers
    Crocidolite Specimen
    Crossed Grating Replica
    Crossover tweezers
    Cryo Freeze Aerosol
    Cryo Freezer Hats
    Cryo Pliers
    Cryogenic Labels
    Cryo-Histo Diamond Knives
    Cryo-Jet Spray
    Crystal Substrates
    Crystalbond Adhesives
    CTFE Tweezers
    Cut Film Developing Racks
    Cutting Tweezers
    DAG 580 Dry Film Lubricant
    Dark Room safe Lights
    Darkroom Doors
    Dehydrating Agents/Intermediate Solvents
    Denka LaB6 Filaments
    Demotec Resin
    Dental Wax
    Desiccator Cabinet
    Developer Swab
    Developing Tanks
    Developing Trays
    DeVere 203 Enlarger
    DeVere 504 Enlarger
    Dewars Nalgene
    Dewars with Glass Inserts
    Dewars, Wide Mouth Stainless
    Diamond Glass Cutter
    Diamond Grips
    Diatome Diamond Knives
    Diatome Static Line II Ioniser
    Diamond Polishing Compounds
    Diamond Polishing Paste
    Diamond Saws
    Diamond Scriber
    Diamond Sharpening Stones
    Diffraction Pattern Measurement
    Dimpling Grinder
    Disc Carrier
    Disc Cutter
    Disc Dispenser
    Disc Gripper
    Disc Punch
    Discs for Bulk Specimens
    Diskette Storage Box
    Dispenser for 10 Single Edged Blades
    Dispersion Staining Liquids
    Disposable Stirrers
    Disposable Syringes
    Dissecting Boards
    Dissecting Kits
    Dissecting Needle
    Dissecting Pins
    Driplok Wash Bottles
    Dry Mounting Tissue
    Dumont Tweezers
    Dumont Tweezers
    Dust Cover and Base
    Dust-Off JR
    Dust-Off Plus
    Dust-Off XL

    Ecomet 3 Polisher/Grinder
    Electronic Countdown/Up Timer
    Electronic Tweezers
    Embedding Capsules, Flat Ended
    Embedding Kits
    Embedding Materials
    Embedding Moulds and Trays
    Embedding Stubs
    Emulsions for Autoradiography
    England Finder Slides
    England Finder Grids
    Enlarger Focuser
    Enlarger Focusing Aid
    Epoxy Resins
    Eukitt Mounting Medium
    Eyelash with Handle
    Eyepiece discs

    Face Mask
    Face Shield
    FEI Filaments
    Fibre Optic Illuminators
    Filament Repair Service
    Filaments and Baskets
    Filaments for SEM
    Filaments for TEM
    Filing Cabinet for Cassettes
    Film and Plate Storage Bags
    Film Drying Cabinets
    Film Forming Solutions
    Film Storage Sleeving
    Film Thickness Monitor
    Film/Plate Desiccator
    Filter Paper
    Filters, Optical
    Filters, Millipore
    Filters, Nuclepore
    Filters, Oil Mist
    Finder Grids
    Finder Grids for SEM Specimens
    Fine Drawing Pens
    Fine Mesh Grids
    Fine Probes
    Fischione TEM specimen preparation equipment
    Fixer Tester
    Flexi Tweezers
    Foam Swabs
    Forceps, Nalgene
    Formvar/Carbon Films
    Formvar Solutions
    Freeze Drying Holders
    Freezing & Heating Stages
    Fro-Tissuer Pen
    Fuchs Rosenthal Counting Chamber

    Gelatin Capsules – Snap-Fit
    Gelatin Capsules – Standard
    Geller Reference Standards
    Gel-Pak Boxes
    Gilder Grids
    Glass Breaking Pliers
    Glass Cutters
    Glass Cutting Wheel
    Glass Fibre Brushes
    Glass for Ralph Knives
    Glass Knife Holder
    Glass Knife Makers
    Glass Knife Storage Box
    Glass Microspray
    Glass Petri Dishes
    Glass Rings
    Glass Scribe
    Glass Strips
    Glass Vials
    Glass Writing Diamond
    Gold Calibration Kit
    Gold Conjugates Blotting Grade
    Gold Conjugates EM
    Gold Conjugates LM
    Gold on Carbon
    Gold Wire
    Graduated Beaker
    Graphit “33” Spray
    Graphitised Carbon
    Graticules Grids
    Grey Scales
    Grid Coating Pen
    Grid Coating Plates
    Grid Holders
    Grid Staining System
    Grid Storage Boxes
    Grids TEM
    Grinding Jig
    Gripping Stub
    Hand Care
    Hanging Files
    Hardeners for Epoxy Resins
    Heat Pen
    Heavy Crossover Tweezers
    Hexamethyldisilazane (H.M.D.S.)
    Hexagonal Grids
    High Precision Tweezers
    High Resolution Sputter Coater
    High Vacuum Leak Sealant
    High Vacuum Storage Vessels
    Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG)
    Hiraoka Staining Kit
    Histochemical Agents and Enzymes
    Hitachi Filaments
    Holdall for Dissecting Kits
    Holder for Single Edge Razor Blades
    Holders for Eppendorf Blocks
    Hole Grids
    Holey Carbon Films
    Hot hand Protector
    Hand Care
    Hanging Files
    Hardeners for Epoxy Resins
    Heat Pen
    Heavy Crossover Tweezers
    Hexamethyldisilazane (H.M.D.S.)
    Hexagonal Grids
    High Precision Tweezers
    High Resolution Sputter Coater
    High Vacuum Leak Sealant
    High Vacuum Storage Vessels
    Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG)
    Hiraoka Staining Kit
    Histochemical Agents and Enzymes
    Hitachi Filaments
    Holdall for Dissecting Kits
    Holder for Single Edge Razor Blades
    Holders for Eppendorf Blocks
    Hole Grids
    Holey Carbon Films
    Hot hand Protector
    Ilford HP 4
    Ilfospeed Multigrade Filters
    Immersion Oils
    Improved Neubauer Counting Chamber
    Indium Wire
    Ion Mill
    ISI Filaments
    JB4 Resin Kit
    JEOL Filaments
    Knife Glass
    Kodak EM Film
    Kodak 4489 Film
    Kodak SO-163 Film
    Kodak Technical Pan Film
    Kontakt 40
    Kontakt IPA
    LaB6 Cathodes
    Label Off 50
    Lacey Carbon Films
    Lacomit Varnish and Remover
    Lanthanum Hexaboride Filaments
    Lapping Sticks
    Leit-C Cement
    Leit-C Plast
    Leit Tabs
    Lens Cleaning Tissue
    LEO Filaments
    Library Cards
    Light Element Support Grids
    Liquid Diamond Polishing Compound
    Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewars
    LKB Trufs
    LM-SEM Locator Grid
    Lomacoll Tissue
    London Finder Grids
    London Resin
    Long Tweezers
    Low Temperature Safety Labels
    Low Temperature Thermometers
    Low Viscosity Resin
    Lowicryl Resins
    LR Gold Resin
    LR White Resin
    Lynx Tissue Processor
    Magnetic Field Cancelling System
    Magnetic Followers and Retrievers
    Magnetic Pick-up Tool
    Magnetic Stirrers and Hotplates
    Magnification Standards for Light
    Magnification Standards for SEM
    Magnification Standards for TEM

    Maxtaform Grids
    Measuring Microscopes
    Melinex Film
    Membrane Boxes
    Membrane Tweezers
    Metal sheets
    Mica Discs
    Micro Picks
    Micro Tools
    Microanalysis Standards
    Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
    Micron Marks
    Microporous Specimen Capsules
    Microscope Bulbs
    Microscope Slides
    Microscopes, Stereo
    Microscopes, Shop
    Microscopes, Stand
    Microtome Chuck for Flat Blocks
    Microwave System Accessories
    Microwell Staining Mould
    Mikrostick Nonconductive Adhesive
    Millipore Filter Holders
    Millipore Filters
    Mini Desiccator
    Mini Power Tool Kit
    Mini Tweezers
    Miniature Saw
    Mirrors, Inspection
    Mixing Jug
    Molybdenum apertures
    Molybdenum Grids
    Moulding Powders
    Mounted Pins
    Mounts for SEM
    Multiple Stub Holder

    Nalgene Cryoware Labels
    Nalgene Cryoware Markers
    Needle Stand
    Negative Storage Cabinets
    Neubauer Counting chambers
    Nichrome Loops
    NPL Certified Specimens
    Nuclepore Filter Holders
    Nuclepore Filters
    Nutdriver Set
    ‘O’ Rings for Tweezers
    O.C.T. Compound
    Oil Mist Filters
    Oriented Gold
    Osmium Tetroxide
    Paper for Video Printers
    Paper Safes
    Paper Wipes
    Particle Analysis Standard
    Pasteur Pipettes
    Pelco BioWave Microwave Processing System
    Pen Light, Disposable
    Pen Light, Reusable
    Pen-Vac Tweezer
    Perfect Loop
    Perforated Carbon Specimen
    Perry Tweezers
    Pestle and Mortar
    Petri Dishes
    pH Meter
    Philips Filaments
    Phosphor Powder
    Photographic Chemicals
    Photographic Film
    Photographic Papers
    Photomicrograph Scale Marker
    Photomount Spray
    Plasma Cleaner
    Plastic Tweezers
    Platinum Apertures
    Platinum Tipped Tweezers
    Platinum Wire
    Platinum/Iridium Wire
    Platinum/Palladium Wire
    Pocket Microscopes
    Polaroid Film
    Polishing Aluminas
    Polishing Cloths and Discs
    Polyethylene Graduated Containers
    Poly-Jean Cloth
    Polymerisation Catalysts
    Polypropylene Cups
    Polystyrene Cleaning Sticks
    Polystyrene Latex
    Portable Viewing Box
    Potassium Bromide Crystal
    Precision Shear
    Pregrinding Table
    Print Forceps
    Print Trimmers
    Probe Current Meter
    Probe Set
    Processing Cassettes
    Professional Print Washer
    Protective Goggles
    Puff Duster
    Pumping Systems
    Quartz Coverslips
    Quartz Slides
    Quick-Stick Mounting Medium
    Quartz Coverslips
    Quartz Slides
    Quick-Stick Mounting Medium
    Rapid Cure Adhesive
    Razor Blade Holder
    Razor Blades
    Re-built Filaments
    Replacement Bulbs
    Replication Materials
    Resealable Plastic Bags
    Resin Solvents
    Resins and Epoxies
    Resolution Test Specimens
    Ring Binder Systems
    Roll Film
    Ross Lens Tissue
    Sable Hair Brushes
    Safelamp Filters
    Safety Spectacles
    Safety Step
    Sapphire Blade
    Saw Frames
    Saw, Miniature
    Scalpel Blade Removers
    Scalpels and Blades
    Scan-Dia Embedding System
    Scintillators & Lightpipes
    Screen Phosphor
    Section Lifters
    Section Pickup Loop
    Sedgewick Rafter Counting Chamber
    Self-Adhesive Labels
    Selvyt Cloth
    SEM Adhesives
    SEM Carbon Foils
    SEM Finder Grid
    SEM Preparation Stand
    SEM Stubs
    SEM Stub for TEM Grids
    Settlement Dish
    Shapers and Grinders for Carbon Rods
    Sheet Film for E.M. Cameras
    Shop Microscopes
    Silicon Calibration Gratings
    Silicon Carbide Discs
    Silicon Monoxide
    Silicon Mounts
    Silicon Nitride Membranes
    Silicon Specimen
    Silver Adhesive Sheet
    Silver Enhancing Kits
    Silver Epoxy Kit
    Simplimet Mounting Press
    Single Bristle Holder
    Single Crystal Viewing Screens
    SIRA Calibration Specimens
    Slide Boxes
    Slide Boxes 35mm
    Slide Dispenser
    Slide Drying Hotplate
    Slide File Holders
    Slide Labels
    Slide Mailer
    Slide Marker
    Slide Stands and Racks
    Slide Storage cabinets
    Slide Store and Viewer
    Slide Tray
    Slide Tray Box
    Slide with Fused Ring
    Slot Grids
    Slotted Specimen Stub
    Socket Wrench Sets
    Socket Wrenches
    Socket Wrenches Ballpoint Tip
    Spade End Tweezers
    Spanners, Open Ended
    Spanners, Ring
    Spatulas, Teflon Coated
    Specimen Circlip Injector
    Specimen Current – EBIC Amplifier
    Specimen Discs
    Specimen Holders and Mounts
    Specimen Levelling Press
    Specimen Mounting Wax
    Specimen Pins for Cryo-Ultramicrotomy
    Specimen Rotators
    Specimen Stubs
    Spillage Absorption Granules
    Spurr Embedding Kits
    Sputter Coaters
    Square Mesh Grids
    Stage Micrometers
    Staining Jars and Racks
    Stainless Steel Developing Tanks & Reels
    Stainless Steel Grids
    Stainless Steel Film Clips
    Stainless Steel Mesh
    Stainless Steel Tongs
    Static Line II Ioniser
    Steel Rule
    Step Wedges and Grey Scales
    Stereo Microscopes
    Sticky Tabs
    Storage Drawer Racks
    Storage/Transit Tubes for SEM Stubs
    Stub Adaptors
    Stub Grippers
    Stub Storage Box (Wooden)
    Stub Storage Boxes
    Stub Storage Boxes (Lightweight)
    Stub Storage Cabinet
    Stub Tweezers
    Stubs for SEM
    Suction Tweezers
    Support Films
    SynapTek Grids
    T.K. Drop Bottle
    Tabbed Grids
    Tacking Iron
    Tape Dispenser
    Tape, PVC
    Tape, Silver
    Teflon Immunostaining Pad
    TEM Specimen Holders
    Thermanox Coverslips
    Thin Film Apertures
    Thin Film Coating Stand
    Thoma Counting Chamber
    Tin on Carbon Specimen
    Tissue Dispensers
    Titanium Grids
    Tool Boxes
    Tool Kit, EM Lab
    Tool Kit, Service Engineer’s
    Top Hat Apertures
    Tripod Polisher Kit
    Tri-Pour Beakers
    Trolley/Pouring Frames for 25l Dewars
    Turbo Carbon Coater
    Tweezer Guards
    Tweezer Holders
    Tweezers (Dumont)
    Twill Jean Cloths
    Twin Jet Polisher
    UHV Microanalysis Standards
    UKAS Certified Stage Micrometers
    Ultra Smooth Carbon Films
    Ultra Violet lamp
    Ultraprep Diamond Lapping Films
    Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths
    Ultrastructure Size Calculator
    Unconjugated Gold Colloids
    Unicryl Resin
    UV Polymerisation Unit
    Vacuum Oils and Greases
    Vacuum Tweezers
    Variable Speed Specimen Rotators
    Velin Tissue
    Vernier Caliper
    Vials and Tubes
    Vice, Table
    Vice, Vacuum
    Viewing Boxes
    Viewing Screen Recoating
    Vitreous Carbon Planchettes
    W100 Wax
    Wafer Trays
    Wafer Tweezers
    Walton and Beckett Graticule for Asbestos
    Warning Labels
    Wash Bottles
    Washing Tank
    Water Chiller/Circulator
    Wax, Paraffin
    Weighing Boats
    Weighing Paper
    Wenol Metal Polish
    White Tile
    Windsor Incubator
    Writing Diamond
    X-Ray Microanalysis Standards
    X-Ray Standards
    XRF Standards
    Zeiss Filaments