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Kulzer Technotherm® 2000

Technotherm® 2000 is an inorganic-filled, glass-fibre reinforced, hot mounting resin, coloured light grey.
Field of application
Technotherm® 2000 is used in areas where it is imperative that samples are embedded without any gaps being left around them. Due to its excellent melting properties, Technotherm® 2000 penetrates deep into porous surfaces or undercuts of samples during the embedding process. Technotherm 2000 is the universal hot mounting resin. Technotherm® 2000 is resistant to all the etching and cleaning agents that are commonly used in laboratories.

Depending on the sample diameter, Technotherm® 2000 cures at:
160 – 180°C at a pressure of 80 – 90 bar in 11 – 15 minutes in every standard hot mounting press.

Technotherm® 2000 delivery units


  • Technotherm® 2000
  • Technotherm® 2000


  • 1 x 1000g
  • 1 x 10kg


  • 66003628
  • 66003629

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