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Kulzer Technovit® EPOX

Technovit® EPOX – is a Premium embedding resin for porous materials.

Technovit® EPOX is an epoxy resin system, which consists of a resin component Technovit® Epox Resin and two different hardener components, for shorter curing times Technovit® Epox Hardener “fast” or for longer curing times, Technovit® Epox Hardener “regular”. By choosing the hardener components the curing time can be customized to the individual application.

Material properties
The embedding resin is especially suitable for the embedding of porous materials (e.g . ceramics), which have to be embedded under vacuum. Through vacuum impregnating, the epoxy resin penetrates into the voids of the specimen and ensures that the specimen is stabilized. In order to achieve an optimal result, the mixing ratio has to be adhered exactly. The ratio is two parts of resin to one part of hardener by weight. The material is slowly poured over the prepared specimen in the embedding mould. The curing takes part in approx. 9 or 18 hours depending on the chosen hardener component.
In order to manage the curing times it is possible to put the specimen in an oven to speed up the curing time, or cool down in a water bath or refrigerator to prolong the curing time.

Material properties

  • possibility to work under vacuum
  • high transparency, strong adhesion on the sample
  • low shrinkage
  • UV-stable
  • variable curing times
  • gap free
  • Gap-free embedding of flux residue in Technovit EPOX deformation edge caused in production by soldering on Ni-Au surface.
  • Cu conductor (etched) with Ni-Au surface and Sn-Pb solder.

Technovit® EPOX delivery units


  • Technovit® EPOX Resin
  • Technovit® EPOX Hardener regular
  • Technovit® EPOX Hardener fast

  • 1 x 1000 g
  • 1 x 500 g
  • 1 x 500 g

  • 66040437
  • 66040438
  • 66040439

Instruction manual
Mixing ratios