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LUXFilm™ TEM support FAQs


Luxel have introduced a revolutionary range of ultra-thin free standing support films for TEM. Film thicknesses range from 20nm to 500nm and can be produced in a huge range of materials including polymers, metals and semiconductors. These LUXFilm™ TEM supports are strong, Flat, Thin, have a large unobstructed area, exhibit high surface attraction, reduced charging and no autofluorence.

LUXFilm™ TEM supports are 5 times stronger than formvar. The supports are stable over the long beam exposures needed for tomography – without additional carbon coating. The films hold up to a variety of common stains and to ethanol-based solutions but are not satisfactory for use with molybdate stains.

LUXFilm™ TEM supports are stretched flat on a metal blank with open areas of 1.5mm, 2.0mm diameter or 2 x 1mm slot, Hexagon grid pattern with 0.5mm hole size, square mesh grid with 0.35mm hole size or bar grid with 0.3mm free space. LUXFilm™ TEM supports eliminate meniscus effects. Particles spread evenly and do not collect next to grid bars.

LUXFilm™ TEM supports exhibit very little drift or charging effects in the EM, compared with Formvar/Carbon, improving imaging efficiency.

LUXFilm™ TEM supports are thin, standard thicknesses are 30nm and 50nm and are uniform in thickness. Most applications will not require additional carbon coating.

LUXFilm™ TEM supports exhibit large unobstructed viewing windows so that you can view without or minimal interference from grid bars. Supports are available in both copper and nickel.

LUXFilm™ TEM supports have a fovourable inherent surface energy for epoxy-embedded sections. Serial ribbons stick and go down flat. Surface treatment can be performed to prepare the supports for negative stains and acrylic-embedded specimens.

LUXFilm™ TEM supports exhibit no autofluorescens and no unspecific labeling with antibody stains, making it an ideal choice for correlative microscopy and immunocytochemistry in the EM. The large unobstructed viewing windows assure that you will find all labeled features, even if rare.

LUXFilm™ TEM supports can be recommended for the following applications…

  • Demanding and routine TEM imaging
  • 80-300 kV
  • Large sections
  • Tomography
  • Thick materials – films hold up to higher EM voltages
  • Pathology
  • Particle count and screening studies
  • Immunocytochemistry