/Cutlam Micro 2.0 – Laboratory precision micro cutting machine
Cutlam Micro 2.0 – Laboratory precision micro cutting machine2020-11-17T01:21:27+00:00

Product Description

The Cutlam Micro 2.0 is a compact laboratory micro-cutting machine designed for the most sensitive materials. The speed range and cutting chamber capacity make this machine incredibly versatile.

  • Large capacity cutting chamber and filtration/decanting/recirculation tank
  • Easy maintanence and cleaning
  • LED screen
  • Ability to track the micrometric movement along the Z axis directly on the LED screen, accurate to 0.02mm
  • A wide range of vices are available, enabling the user to clamp any component or material

Fitted with a large capacity, independent filtration/decanting/recirculation tank, it is easy to perform long cuts under ideal cooling conditions. The Cutlam Micro 2.0 has been designed to simplify maintanence and cleaning operations. The base of the cutting chamber is equipped with an inlet filter to prevent the loss of small parts and components. The Cutlam Micro 2.0 is particularly stable and not prone to vibration, saving valuable laboratory work space.

Included Equipment:

Recirculation system, 10 litres

Cylindrical sample holder with clamping screw: Ø 12 to 50 mm

Set of flanges: Ø 50 mm for cut-off wheel: Ø 125 to 150 mm

Features & Specifications

Wheel Ø: 75 to 200mm
Shaft Ø: 12.7mm
Standard flanges Ø: 50mm
Lateral arm displacement: Stroke 80mm (accuracy 0.02mm)
Preload weight: 2 x 200g
Vertical movement: Manual
Lubrication/cooling: Recirculation system, 10 litres, 800 L/hour pump, driven by the machine
Motor power: 0.6 kW
Rotational speed: Variable, from 200 to 4000 rpm
Body: Steel coated with epoxy paint
Protection: Transparent cover with locking system
Voltage: 230 V – 50 Hz single phase
W x H x D: 430
Weight: 40kg