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Arizona Carbon Foil Co. Inc.

Carbon Foils accurately characterized, in any thickness you need.

For more than 47 years (since 1970), ACF-Metals, The Arizona Carbon Foil Co. Inc. has been dedicated to providing accurately characterized ultra-thin foils and coatings of carbon in thicknesses less than one micron and up to a few microns thick.

Carbon foils made by ACF-Metals are used in nuclear, space, physics, time of flight studies, optical, chemical, medical and microscopy research. These are the most common stripper/extractor foils ( charge-changing foils) and target supporting foils involved in manufacturing and research using particle accelerators.

  • For Accelerator users worldwide.
  • Amorphous carbon foils of highest purity, uniformity, and stability.
  • Natural isotopic composition: carbon-12 with 1.1% carbon-13.
  • 0.1 µg/sq.com up to 2000 µg/sq.com always in stock with ACF Co. Inc. Custom shape, size and areal density specifications.
  • On glass substrates, freestanding or mounted.

Polycrystalline Graphite (PCG) foils are as efficient as amorphous carbon foils and have in-beam lifetimes competitive with arc-evaporated foils.

  • Easier to handle.
  • All standard thicknesses 400 µg/sq.com to 20 000 µg/sq.cm are kept in stock with ACF Co. Inc. at all times
  • Mounted stripper/extractor for extended lifetimes.
  • Arc evaporated foils and PCG foils.
  • Multiple fork styles available.
  • Fork material, Al or Graphite.

Guaranteed delivery to Australia or New Zealand without damage.

The ACF-Metals comprehensive range of products encompasses the following:

  • Arc Evaporated Carbon Foils
  • Polycrystalline Graphite Foils
  • Polycrystalline Graphite Foils, custom sizes
  • Electron Microscopy Carbon Foils “EM Ultra Smooth Films” (limited quantities)
  • Carbon foils on TEM grids
  • Mounted Foils (EUV and X-Ray Filters)
  • Optical Attenuator “Rectangular Filters” (limited quantities)
  • Carbon Foils on Cyclotron Forks

Detailed descriptions on these products can be found in “ACF-Metals Product Descriptions and Technical Information” brochure.

For additional information and prices for any product described in the Technical Information brochure, please Contact Us.