The OLYMPUS Corporation is an international company operating since 1919, in industrial, medical and consumer markets, specializing in optics, electronics and precision engineering.

Emgrid Australia Pty Ltd is proud to represent OLYMPUS in South Australia.  The principal of Emgrid Australia, Craig Noble has been associated with microscopy for more than 20 years and can offer assistance on a wide range of applications.

Emgrid Australia can supply and support clinical and life sciences, education, metrology, geology, defence and many other specialist industries.

Emgrid Australia can provide service support for OLYMPUS in South Australia. Please contact us for more information.

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Advanced Microscopy Simplified

Life Sciences

Expandable to Meet Growing Research Needs

Microscope Cameras

High quality cameras to meet many applications from a wide range of lineup such as various resolutions, sensitivities, frame rates and prices.

Microscope Software

Intuitive Operation. Seamless Workflow.

Microscope Servicing

For optimum performance, we recommend that you have your microscope professionally serviced at least once every 2 years.