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Australian agents for EM Resolutions Ltd

em-resolutions-logoEM Resolutions Ltd was founded in 2012 and has been supplying high quality TEM support films and calibration standards to EM laboratories throughout the UK and Europe. Our technical staff has over 50 years combined experience, learned under the expert guidance of Alan Agar, one of the pioneers of consumables and accessories for electron microscopy.

EM Resolutions Ltd offer a wide range of high quality carbon support films/coated grids for various TEM applications. They can supply films on a variety of Copper, Gold and Nickel grid types and sizes, including finder grids. Other grid types and sizes are available on request.

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Carbon only continuous films provide a thin electron transparent support for viewing small nano-particles.

Formvar only support films are an excellent solution when viewing fragile sections in the TEM and are particularly for supporting ultrathin cryosections.

Formvar/Carbon support films offer a good solution where carbon only film is too fragile to withstand pre-treatments or additional processing.

Holey and Lacey Carbon support films provide a range of hole sizes and are used to support larger specimens that can span the holes and therefore can be imaged without any background interference. They are also suited for suspensions of nano and virus like particles for cryo TEM. If you require a particular hole size or prefer slightly thicker or thinner films please ask and they would be happy to provide their quotation.

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