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Australian agents for Graticules Optics Limited

Graticules Optics are a long established independent company dedicated to the manufacture and global distribution of high quality, high performance optical, electro-optical and related products for a wide range of commercial, industrial, defence and consumer uses.

Graticules Limited have been producing micro-patterned products on glass and foils for over 80 years during which time it has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of graticules (reticules) and precision electroformed metal foils (grids).

In addition to micro-patterned products Graticules Optics also manufacture the Inspecta range of superior inspection and measuring products, including magnifiers with reticles, portable microscopes, portable metallurgical microscopes, through-hole microscopes and magnified measuring scales.

The comprehensive range of products produced by Graticules Limited encompasses the following:

Counting Chamber Specification Sheet.

Graticules Optics catalogue includes the most comprehensive range of products appropriate to optical microscopy, stereology, metallurgy, asbestos fibre analysis etc. Please take the opportunity to browse our site and review the products in the Graticules Optics catalogue that are available from Emgrid Australia Pty Ltd.

Emgrid Australia Pty Ltd is proud to represent Graticules Optics in Australia and New Zealand. The principal of Emgrid Australia, Craig Noble has been associated with microscopy for over 20 years and is able to offer assistance on a wide range of applications including specimen preparation techniques for room temperature, cryo preparation and material science sectioning.