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Associated Companies

Emgrid Australia Pty Ltd is proud to represent the following companies:


Agar Scientific, Electron Microscopy Sciences, Energy Beam Sciences Inc. and TAAB Laboratories Equipment Limited all provide an extensive range of consumable products, chemicals, embedding media and small tools for electron microscopy and histology.

Citifluor Limited offers a comprehensive range of non fluorescent mounting media and anti-fadents for fluorescent and confocal microscopy.

DiATOME Limited in Switzerland are world renowned for their quality and are able to offer the widest range of diamond knives for biological and material science applications for room temperature and cryo sectioning.  They also provide specialist advice relating to specimen preparation of biological and technical material for those customers using diamond knives and can provide an evaluation service to determine the best diamond knife configuration, embedding procedure (if applicable) and sectioning parameters prior to the purchase of a diamond knife.  This service is offered free of charge.  Contact Emgrid Australia Pty Ltd for more information relating to this service.

Gilder is leading manufacturer of high quality TEM and SEM specimen supports in a wide range of materials.  Their products are manufactured using the latest electroforming and etching technologies, enabling very fine grid bars and features to be achieved.

Heraeus Kulzer GmbH manufactures a comprehensive range of embedding materials for histological and metallographic applications.  Technovit 7100 and 8100 resins developed by Kulzer are suitable for histological and immunohistological examinations and the Technovit 4000 and 5000 series of resins are for embedding material for mechanical grinding and polishing prior to microscopic examination.