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OLYMPUS offers digital cameras to suit a range of applications and budgets. Our flagship DP Series color cameras offer unparalleled color reproduction and reliability.

Choosing the right balance of specifications is important when selecting the appropriate camera for your needs; our vast range covers applications from general biological research and teaching to pathology, cell culture, embryology, and drug discovery. Our microscope cameras offer a variety of image sensors and pixel sizes, and observation methods include fluorescence, brightfield, and infrared.

At OLYMPUS, we know your image matters, and our digital microscope cameras help you see the details and enhance the quality of your work through cutting-edge optics, superior detail, and fast live imaging.

For more information about the full range of OLYMPUS products, please contact us.

DP28 – Microscope Digital Camera

Microscope camera for conferencing, teaching, and clinical research.

  • 4K resolution
  • Color reproduction that rivals the human eye
  • 8.9-megapixel CMOS sensor

DP28 Brochure.

DP23 – Laboratory Microscope Camera

Designed for routine life science and clinical research microscopy imaging, the DP23 digital microscope camera’s combination of smart features and good color reproduction provide high-quality images in an easy-to-use camera.

  • Share images using the DP23-AOU network solution
  • Clearly observe live images on a large screen
  • Fast, high-quality imaging for conferences and teaching

DP23 Brochure.

EP50 -Wireless Digital Imaging

Convert each microscope into a wireless imaging system and enhance collaboration in the classroom.

  • Wireless digital imaging
  • Simultaneous direct output of WLAN and HDMI
  • Full stand-alone configuration available
  • Flexible camera control options for use with mobile devices, PCs, or direct streaming to a monitor/projector with the stand-alone setup

EP50 Brochure.