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Technoorg Linda Co. Ltd, founded in 1990, develops, manufactures and markets exclusive equipment, and is one of the world’s leading companies for ion technology based sample preparation in the fields of TEM, SEM and HREM investigations.

Technoorg Linda’s products are fully compatible with all brands of electron microscopes and offer complete solutions for the thinning process from abrading to final polishing and ion milling. The applications of their technology are suited for many purposes in the field of material science, semiconductor industry and nanotechnology.

The customers of Technoorg Linda represent the complete spectrum of end-users of material science instrumentation typically found in industrial, governmental and academic research departments and laboratories.

The Technoorg Linda brand name is recognized throughout the scientific community and is synonymous with high-precision instruments and world-leading quality of ion milling and end-polishing technology.

For detailed information Technoorg Linda products please click on the links below or, Contact Us. 

For TEM Users


Fully automated ion beam thinning system for TEM/XTEM sample preparation.

Gentle Mill

Gentle Mill, model IV8 for final polishing and cleaning.


Traceable transmission electron microscopy calibration sample.

Ti disc

Embedding ring for TEM/XTEM sample preparation – samples do not need to be glued together prior to embedding.

For SEM Users

SEMPrep 2

SC-2100 SEMPrep for high-quality site-specific sample preparation for SEM application.

Mechanical Sample Preparation


Precise cutting tool.


Thermoplastic gluing under stereo microscope.


Polisher for TEM and small SEM samples.

Particle Characterisation

Laser doppler anemometer

Laser Doppler Anemometer – Nano LDA.

Dual wavelength optical spectrometer

A new method for simultaneous measurement of size distribution, concentration, optical absorption and complex refractive index of aerosol particles.

Stress and Deformation Measurement

Stress and deformation measurement

Our new holographic gage-camera can measure complete 3D vector fields of surface deformations with extreme sensitivity.

Unique advantages of holographic stress measurements

Higher accuracy

1.) complete information about displacement field to calculate stress

  • full-field measurement (and in each point simultaneously)
  • everywhere on the surface, at arbitrary distances from the rim of the hole
  • 3D vector displacement measurement and with this more accurate stress/li>

General applicability

2.) measurement possibility for curved or distributed surfaces

3.) measurement possibility for surfaces with limited access (close to curves or corners)

4.) reduced requirement for surface quality (cleanliness, surface roughness)

Reduced requirement toward environment (within optical labor conditions)

5.) relative temperature independence

Shorter preparation time

6.) one-step preparation (in case of existence of the required supporting surfaces)

  • only initial fastening on the measurement palette

Better, “real-time” repeatability

7.) prompt and unlimited repeatability (with re-drilling of holes)

  • possibility of monitoring changes of the stress field on the surface
  • possibility of monitoring changes of the stress field in time (at spontaneous, or purposeful changes, too)
  • possibility of monitoring quality of nominally identical objects (at series production)

Not needed:

8.) any type of consumables (strain gage, special glue etc.)

9.) precise positioning of drillings

10.) precise electronic data gathering