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Technoorg Linda Co. Ltd, founded in 1990, develops, manufactures and markets exclusive equipment, and is one of the world’s leading companies for ion technology based sample preparation in the fields of TEM, SEM and HREM investigations.

Technoorg Linda’s products are fully compatible with all brands of electron microscopes and offer complete solutions for the thinning process from abrading to final polishing and ion milling. The applications of their technology are suited for many purposes in the field of material science, semiconductor industry and nanotechnology.

The IV3 and IV4 ion millers provide excellent solutions for researchers who require high-quality sample preparation results when investigating special materials. The design of our ion millers allows free variation of ion source parameters and provides a large variety of ion source combinations. Our ion millers are recommended to users developing new materials, new sample preparation methods and who want to be in full control of the sample preparation process.

The Gentle Mill™ and it’s newly developed version, the MiniMill™ are computer-controlled devices designed for final ion polishing, easy cleaning and improving TEM and SEM samples previously treated in standard systems operating at high ion energies or FIB columns. These instruments are recommended to users who want to prepare TEM, SEM or XTEM samples of the best quality only within a few minutes.

The customers of Technoorg Linda represent the complete spectrum of end-users of material science instrumentation typically found in industrial, governmental and academic research departments and laboratories.

The Technoorg Linda brand name is recognized throughout the scientific community and is synonymous with high-precision instruments and world-leading quality of ion milling and end-polishing technology.

For detailed information Technoorg Linda products, please Contact Us. The following brochures can also be downloaded:

Gentle Mill – Ion beam workstation for preparing high-quality TEM/FIB samples

UniMill (code IV7)

IV7 Universal ion mill – Fully automated ion beam thinning system for TEM/XTEM sample preparation

SEMPrep2 (code: SC-2000) – Specimen preparation system

MAG*I*CAL – Traceable calibration sample

Microheat – Thermoplastic glueing under the stereomicroscope

Microsaw – For precise cutting under the stereomicroscope

MicroPol – Specimen polisher/grinder for TEM & Metallography