Tousimis Research Corporation manufactures a comprehensive range of Critical Point Dryers for biological laboratory research applications. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic versions are available and a special series of supercritical CPD’s are available for MEMS/NEMS applications.

The design concepts of the Tousimis Autosamdri® Critical Point Dryers are unique and their patent-pending “Stasis” processing software ensures perfect critical point drying for all samples.

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**NEW** Touchscreen Series C

Autosamdri®-931 – Cleanroom and Non-Cleanroom versions

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Non-Cleanroom Systems

Cleanroom Systems

The Samdri® line of Supercritical Point Dryers is successfully used to increase yield and uniformity of MEMS devices. Liquid carbon dioxide is the transitional fluid used to process your delicate MEMS. The tousimis Samdri® line of Supercritical Point Drying tools used for the MEMS CO2 dry release after wet etching is a most beneficial anti-stiction tool for the MEMS fab.