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EMSIS GmbH | Cameras for Electron Microscopy

Emgrid Australia Pty. Ltd. is proud to represent “EMSIS GmbH” (formerly Olympus-SIS) in Australia and New Zealand.

EMSIS members have many years of experience supporting remotely or locally the entire SIS and OSIS product range. All services needed from hotline support to hardware repairs including warranty claims will be provided. The offered product range includes the previous OSIS TEM camera models, imaging software for SEM and TEM, services and training. For more information on EMSIS TEM Cameras and Software, please Contact Us.

**NEW** TOLARA  – bottom mount camera

  • 6 megapixels (2,752 x 2,192 max.)
  • More than 28 frames per second in full resolution
  • more than 70 fps in binning
  • 16.5 x 16.5 µm² effective pixel size
  • high quality fiber optics (tapered)
  • USB 3.0 data interface
  • for the bottom mount port (on-axis)
  • up to 200kV (not available for 300kV)
  • passive air-cooled: no additional cooling needed, easiest installation, small footprint
  • interesting price point for smaller labs and/ or retrofitting, ideal for standard TEMs