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Product Description

The Cutlam 1.1 is a bench-mounted cutting machine designed for a wide range of applications. Robust and easy to use, this machine has a very large cutting capacity.

  • Spacious cutting table made from anti-corrosive cast iron
  • Easy-to-handle fully opening cover and remote motor
  • Ability to clamp components of thicknesses up to 120mm
  • Can be equipped with Ø 250 to 305mm cut-off wheels
  • Speed adjuster and powerful 3.8 kW motor – perfect for intensive use
  • High-capacity recirculation system with pre-filter and decanter compartments, ensuring optimum lubrication and cooling by a multi-point spray
  • External shower head combined with a tilted cutting chamber for easy cleaning
  • Inlet filter ensuring samples do not fall down the large-diameter outlet pipe

Features & Specifications

Wheel Ø: 250 to 300mm
Shaft Ø: 25.4mm
Standard flanges Ø: 80mm
Max cutting capacity: Ø 110 (Ø 305mm wheel)
Passage under the wheel: 120 (Ø 305mm wheel)
Vertical movement: Manual
Lubrication/cooling: Recirculation system, 60 litres, on casters, integrated cleaning system, with shower head located outside the cutting chamber
Motor power: 3.8 kW
Rotational speed: Variable, from 1000 to 4000 rpm
Table: Groove treated stainless steel, 400 x 300mm
Type of groove: T groove 12mm (2 longitutinals, 2 transversals)
Protection: Transparent cover with locking system
Body: Epoxy painted coated steel
Tension: 400 Volts – 50 Hz (three-phase)
Dimensions: W x H x D: 630 x 650 x 820mm (H – cover opens 820mm)
Weight: 125kg