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agar-scientific-logoThe calibration specimens for TEM manufactured by Agar Scientific are famous world wide for their quality and reliability. For magnification calibration, fine copper, nickel or gold mesh specimens, diffraction gratings and cross grating replicas are mounted on 3.05mm grids.

Calibration aids are an essential requirement for all electron and optical microscopes, and the rapid growth of automated measuring systems has emphasized a new importance to the standardization of magnification and measurement with the microscope.

Emgrid Australia Pty Ltd has distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand calibration standards, stage micrometers, image analysis standards, Dynospheres and particle size standards available from Agar Scientific Limited.

Magnification calibration of the SEM is generally achieved by the use of various standards which include polystyrene latex particles, Chessy test specimens and SIRA calibration standards.

Resolution test specimens and ultra high resolution test specimens for SEM generally include gold on carbon, tin on carbon and aluminium-tungsten dendrites mounted on appropriate stubs.

Universal magnification calibration standards for use with scanning electron microscopy, incident and transmitted light optical microscopy, scanning probe and confocal microscopy are also available, these being known as the Geller reference standards.

Reference specimens for back-scattered electron detection systems using copper/nickel, silver/palladium and gold/platinum are also available from Emgrid Australia Pty Ltd.

A single calibration specimen for the three major instrument calibrations i.e. magnification, camera constant for indexing diffraction patterns and image/diffraction pattern rotation can all be carried out using a single specimen. The MAG*I*CAL™ calibration specimen can be used for this purpose and is supplied in the form of an ion beam thinned wedge which is very stable under the electron beam. A certificate of calibration is provided.
A large variety of other calibration standards are also available from Emgrid Australia Pty Ltd. These include Nanosphere™ size standards, perforated carbon film, holey carbon film, lattice specimens, catalase crystals, graphitised carbon black, polystyrene latex and ferritin standards.