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Citifluor AF100

Citifluor AF100 + CFPVOH is a solution of an antifadent in phosphate buffered saline and CFPVOH, an aqueous solution of poly (vinyl alcohol). Addition of Citifluor AF100 to Citifluor CFPVOH gives a solution, which on drying yields a clear semi-hard film which serves as a permanent mountant. The presence of the antifadent helps to reduce photo bleaching of the fluorophore. Solutions should be made up by mixing 1 part by volume of Citifluor AF100 with 9 parts by volume of Citifluor CFPVOH. These solutions should be used within 10 hours as the efficacy of the antifadent reduces with time. A few drops of the solution should be applied to the specimen followed by a cover slip. The water evaporates to give a clear film which holds the cover slip in place thereby aiding the safe storage of the specimen.

The solutions are of medium viscosity and are water-white in appearance. The Citifluor CFPVOH solution contains a small amount of sodium azide to prevent fungal growth. The Citifluor AF100/CFPVOH solution does not keep and the efficacy of the antifadent is markedly reduced over a 10 hour period. With this in mind, it is better to make up the mixture prior to use and not to rely on keeping solutions.