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Citifluor AF 300+UVM-2

Citifluor AF 300 + Citifluor UVM-2 is a solution of an antifadent in glycerol and has been specially prepared for Citifluor UVM-2 solutions where fluorescein is the staining material. The solutions may be used with other fluorochromes such as rhodamines etc. The presence of the antifadent helps to reduce photo bleaching of the fluorophore. Solutions should be made up by mixing 1 part by volume of Citifluor AF300 with 3 parts by volume of Citifluor UVM-2. A few drops of the solution should be applied to the specimen followed by a cover slip. The mixture of Citifluor AF300 and Citifluor UVM-2 may be cured with light in the usual way to give a clear film.

The solution is of medium viscosity and has a water-white appearance. Solutions of Citifluor AF300 and Citifluor UVM-2 are relatively stable and may be kept up to 2 months without serious deterioration (the speed at which the mountant sets under the light decreases as the age of the mixture increases).