/Cutlam 3.1 Cutting Machine with 2 or 3 motorised axes
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Product Description

The Cutlam 3.1 is an automatic and programmable cutting machine with 2 or 3 motorised axes, equipped with a 300mm Ø cut-off wheel.

The rotation speed of the cutting wheel and the feed speed of the axes can be programmed so as to prevent any deterioration or deformation of the samples. 3 cutting modes are possible: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. The movements of the axes can be continuous or sequenced. The Cutlam 3.1 is also equipped with the smart motion function to automatically regulate the speed of the axes. This option makes it possible to cut materials with different hardnesses (e.g. steel with an HVOF coating), without having to modify the feed speed. This option allows to avoid long testing campaigns to define the correct feed speed.

  • Largest cut-off area on the market of Ø 300mm
  • Automatic and linear top-to-bottom movement of the cut-off wheel, offering a 140mm space under the cutting wheel
  • Ability to cut vertically (along axis Z), over a maximum stroke of 200mm, or to cut horizontally along axis Y, over a maximum stroke of 300mm
  • Also possible to combine the two Z and Y movements
  • Large 5.7″ LED touch screen and intuitive interface
  • Internal memory for over 300 cutting programs, which can also be imported or exported via a USB port

Features & Specifications

Wheel Ø: 250 to 300mm
Shaft Ø: 25.4mm
Standard flanges Ø: 80mm
Passage under the wheel: 120mm (Ø 205mm wheel)
Max cutting capacity: Ø 110 (Ø 305mm wheel)
Vertical movement: Manual
Lubrication/cooling: Recirculation system, 60 litres, on casters, integrated cleaning system, with shower head located outside the cutting chamber
Motor power: 3.8 kW+B331
Rotational speed: Variable, from 1000 to 4000 rpm
Table: Groove treated stainless steel, 400 x 300mm
Type of groove: T groove 12mm (2 longitudinals, 2 transversals)
Display: LED
Transparent cover with locking system
Body: Epoxy painted coated steel
Tension: 400 Volts – Hz (three-phase)
Dimensions: W x H x D: 630 x 650 x 820mm (H – cover opens to 820mm)
Weight: 125kg