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DiATOME Diamond Knives For Ultramicrotomy

Since 1970, Diatome have been producing diamond knives for ultramicrotomy and histological applications. During this period, they have achieved, through research and development programs, significant technological achievements in the production of diamond knives. These include:

Sample testing service
Due to the long years of development, manufacturing and application of diamond knives, Diatome can offer a unique sample testing service. If you have any concerns as to whether your sample can be sectioned, Diatome will perform a sectioning test and provide a full report on the parameters used to secure the result. Your sample, along with the sections (if applicable) will be returned to you, along with any supporting micrographs and a full report and recommendation for the most suitable knife.

The service is free of charge providing the number of samples is reasonable and there is no obligation to purchase any product as a result of the service.

Diatome ensure absolute discretion as to the nature of all samples submitted to them for evaluation.

Re-sharpening and exchange service
Re-sharpened Diatome knives undergo the same stringent optical checking and sectioning test as for new knives.

A diamond knife re-sharpened by Diatome is the same high quality as a new knife. During re-sharpening a knife may be reworked into another type (ultra to cryo, 45º t0 35º, etc.).

In the exchange (trade-in) service a type change is possible, the price being dependent upon the edge length required.

Natural diamonds of the highest possible gem quality are used for the production of Diatome diamond knives. Each diamond is carefully selected to ensure a regular crystal structure and accurate crystal orientation and precise pre-cutting are essential for the ultimate quality of the cutting edge.

The diamond orientation chosen by Diatome allows for final polishing parallel to the cutting edge, which leads to an extremely sharp, score-free, durable cutting edge.

Each knife, prior to shipping undergoes a stringent optical check and sectioning test according to the specification of the knife type.

The same procedure is performed for re-sharpened knives.

Characteristics of Diatome Diamond Knives

  • Diatome knives are compatible with all ultramicrotomes.
  • The boat is designed in such a manner that the water surface is horizontal when the clearance angle is set resulting in a stationary water surface and good reflection.
  • The shape of the boat offers you the advantage of easy pick-up of the floating sections.
  • The surfaces of the Diatome diamond knives are hydrophilic. This property allows easy wetting of the cutting edge, even with a very low water level (important for sectioning Lowicryls and other hydrophilic embedding media, as well as for water sensitive samples.)
  • The diamond is fastened in a metal shank, which is securely fixed into the boat.
  • The cementing material seals boat and knife. It is hydrophilic and aids the easy wetting of the cutting edge.

Quality Guarantee for Diatome Diamond Knives:

Before delivery, each Diatome knife, new or re-sharpened, is subject to extensive testing. Diatome can therefore guarantee perfect sectioning (in the respective thickness range) over the entire cutting edge.