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DiATOME cryo AFM and DiATOME ultra AFM diamond knife.


The Diatome cryo AFM and ultra AFM knives have been developed for specimen surface investigation using Atomic Force Microscopy. Diatome ultra AFM and Diatome cryo AFM knives are specially tested to ensure that they meet the increased quality requirements of AFM investigation. They produce extremely smooth sample surfaces and guarantee the best possible structure preservation.

diatome-afm-knivesMorphology of a blend of two SBS block copolymers with different chain-architecture. AFM tapping mode, phase image, image size 3 x 3µm.
Rameshwar Adhikari, Institut fur Werkstoffwissenschaft, Martin-Luther-Universitat, Halle-Wittenberg.

diatome-ultra-afm-knivesAFM amplitude image of the muscle of cat’s mite Otodectes cynotis. The contrast covers amplitude variation in the 1 – 3 nm range. Size of the whole image equals 4.6µm.
Nadejda Borisovna Matsko, Institut fur angewandte Physik, ETH Zurich.


DiATOME cryo AFM and DiATOME ultra AFM

Knife angle: 35°
Cutting range: 10 – 100nm
Available Sizes: 2mm, 3mm

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