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EVOLUTION® Portable Scientific Microscope

Take the microscope to the specimen!

The remarkable new Pyser-SGI Evolution® Microscope from brings all the features and performance of a full size microscope into a convenient lightweight, hand sized instrument.

Ideal for the medical professional, field operative, forensic scientist or mobile laboratory, the Pyser-SGI Evolution® is superbly engineered in Japan. This microscope has a robust die cast case and metal parts to ensure it withstands the rigours of field use.
Brightfield, polarisation and phase contrast versions are available to cover all analysis needs, and all optical alignment is set before leaving our factory.

Powered by 2 x AA batteries or the 3V power supply that is part of the package, the Pyser-SGI Evolution® has triple long working distance bjectives, LED illumination, carry case and shoulder strap.
A mechanical x-y stage and coloured filters are available as options.

Details of the Pyser-SGI Evolution® Portable Microscope can be found in the Pyser-SGI Evolution Scientific Microscope catalogue.