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Magnified Linear Measuring Scales

If you need a simple and accurate scale for performing measurements on flat objects then the Pyser-SGI Inspecta Magnified Linear Measuring Scales are the ideal solution. Ranging in length from 150mm to 600mm and in imperial versions too, these scales offer unrivalled quality and precision. Little or no training is required before operators can perform measuring tasks on-line or in the laboratory. There are no electrical parts, the optics are all glass for the best possible definition, the scales are precision divided and applied using a chrome deposition technique for durability and, unusually, the instrument
is fully serviceable.

The fine divisions of 0.1mm on metric versions and 0.005” on imperial versions allow accurate measurements to be made. Operators just place the instrument on the item and read off measurements by looking through the magnifier at the scale, a simple subtraction of one reading from the other gives the distance measurement. The magnifiers are focussable to reduce eye strain and improve resolution, and the unit is all metal and glass construction for robustness. A polished wooden box is supplied to house the instrument when it is not being used.

Details of these Magnified Linear measuring Scales can be found in the Pyser-SGI Magnified Measuring Scales catalogue.