Bio 36 Cryo Refrigerator – High Capacity

Resharpened Diatome Histo 8.0mm cutting edge

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These Bio high capacity Dewars/Refrigerators allow the storage of large quantities of biological material while still offering advanced super-insulation and ultra-high vacuum techniques allowing incredibly long holding times.

They have wider neck openings for easy access and have the following properties:

  • Strong lightweight aluminium construction
  • Internal storage canisters Included as standard
  • High thermal efficiency ultra-low evaporative losses
  • Numbered index location points for canisters
  • Heavy-duty lockable enclosures offer excellent security
  • Straw storage
  • 1.2, 2.0 or 5.0ml cryovials held on canes
  • Roller bases and level alarms
  • 5 Year Vacuum Warranty

Included with every model are internal storage canisters suitable for the storage of biological material in cryovials on canes or straws in goblets.

All Bio Series dewars are designed and manufactured in a purpose-built ISO 9001 accredited facility using the very latest CAD technology.


Safety Data Sheet