///Stage Micrometer S4R, 0.1inch in 0.001inch divisions

Stage Micrometer S4R, 0.1inch in 0.001inch divisions


Micrometer Scale 0.1inch in 0.001inch divisions for reflected light

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These stage reticles for reflected light microscopy are intended for the routine calibration of eyepiece patterns, particularly when alternating between objectives on one microscope or when using the same reticle in different microscopes. Their robust construction makes them ideal for student use and for instructional purposes. The scale or grid is centred on a glass disc mounted in a black anodised aluminium slide 76mm x25mm x 1.5mm thick. Line width: 0.002mm. Accuracy (overall): <0.0001" The 'S' range do not have a unique serial number identification - See PS range for products with engraved serial number.